National Lock down 2-by Nicholas West.


Nicholas West from the South Hornchurch Labour Action Team today writes in the Havering Daily.

Saturday evening’s announcement meant that after months of sacrifice, we are back to square one. We are in lockdown again,

In March we entered an agreement with this Government. We will sacrifice the freedom of seeing our loved ones and stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives whilst they defeat the virus so we never have to make that difficult sacrifice ever again. We kept our end of the bargain but the Government have failed to keep theirs.

In this first lockdown we saw the very best of humanity with mutual aid groups being set up to help those in need, the clap for key workers and people following the rules vigilantly. It was an incredible national effort which saw us all pull together so we could go on about our normal lives as soon as possible. So how, despite this sacrifice, are we heading for yet another national lockdown?

The lockdown in March gave the Government an ample opportunity to get their ducks in a row. However they’ve managed to waste that time and an obscene amount of £12 billion (that’s right £12,000,000,000) on a test and trace system that was delayed and is largely ineffective. They still haven’t set up Covid testing at our borders, something that should’ve been done at the very beginning. Most of all, they haven’t listened to the advice of the scientific experts they employ who have warned of the dangers of pressuring people back to their workplaces and not having stricter measures in place sooner to prevent a winter lockdown.

We really should have our lives back to normal by now like those in New Zealand whose Labour government had the courage to take bold measures early on and have virtually eliminated Covid from the country (1 case on 30th October compared to the UK’s 24,000+).

Simply put, the Government have missed their chance to avoid this situation, lost our trust in them to keep us safe and ultimately lost control of the virus. A second lockdown wasn’t inevitable but thanks to their incompetence, it’s a reality.

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