Dicing with life.

Today we are introducing our new column entitled ‘Dicing with Life’ by Lauren, Kriss and Mike who run a table top games group in Romford. The team were featured last week in the Havering Daily and are now writing a regular column for us. Please see their first piece.

How can you play tabletop games using just the power of your thumb and forefinger? The answer is… Flick Fleet. This space themed game was shared this week by one of our members, and involves flicking small spaceships, dice and other stellar objects around a tabletop, trying to take out your opponent’s ships before they do the same to you. It’s proved a real hit with our members young and old alike!

We’ve had lots of other gaming going on at Dicing With Life sessions this week too. Those of you who like a bit of vampire horror would’ve enjoyed spending time as a fly (or maybe even bat) on the wall during Fury of Dracula, a game which somehow took all evening to play but was also very much worth it for four of our members, who managed to escape at the end of the evening, unharmed.

Players of our role play games Dungeons and Dragons, Alien and Pathfinder may not have been so fortunate – and in fact the last game of Alien we ran ended with a TPK (that’s a Total Player Kill’, if you’re wondering, where none of the player characters manage to end the game alive) which was extremely true to the whole Alien films ethos and thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants. Who doesn’t love a bit of interaction with crazy acid demons?

Next week we have even more fun on offer – Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead has just been delivered by the postman and has already been unwrapped and scrutinised in readiness for a bit of thematic Halloween gaming at this Saturday’s session. We also have some new factions for Wild West Exodus and Mythos, and there are rumours of a bit of Riot Quest going down too. If you’re coming to play with your family, you might enjoy Big Potato’s latest game, Muffin Time – it’s easy to pick up and play, and fun for all ages. Plus, as usual our games library will be available free of charge all week, for anyone popping in to the Hope Café for a coffee, a sit down or a chat.

We’d like to finish this week’s news with a huge thank you to everyone who has pledged to our Spacehive crowdfunder which was launched last week – we are now almost 50% funded and very positive about achieving our goal of an even bigger, better games library for everyone to use, and more opportunities for all the fun, all the games, all the time.

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