Gallows Corner Chaos-by Keith Prince.

Keith Prince the Conservative GLA member for Havering and Redbridge, today writes in the Havering Daily following two days of endless tail backs at Gallows Corner, due to prune vegetation.

Many Havering residents may have suffered from yesterday and today’s utter chaos at Gallows Corner. In order to prune vegetation, Transport for London has reduced the approach to a single lane in each direction, 50% of the roundabout road space has been coned off and the flyover is closed. Whilst I completely understand that this work needs to be done, the decision to schedule it for a Monday and Tuesday of a working week is inexcusable.  

There is now gridlock in all directions. I have asked TfL for a full explanation. I want to know why this is happening now, who took that decision, what alternatives were considered and how quickly it will be complete. I would also like to know what consultation or discussions took place with local residents. Had I been asked, I would have been very clear that this plan was unacceptable and I’m certain that the vast majority of local residents would have said the same. Far too often decisions are taken about Havering that fail to take into account the views and needs of local people. Havering residents deserve better than this utter shambles from Transport for London and their Chairman, the Mayor of London.  Gallows Corner must be reopened as soon as humanly possible.

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  • 27th October 2020 at 2:43 pm

    Wow, two days of utter chaos at Gallows corner due to pruning taking place. Almost as long as the delays that occurred when the road bridge over the railway lines was replaced just up the road. Quite rightly though, the works taking place on a Monday and Tuesday is totally inexcusable. But, whilst the residents should have been party to the proposed works taking place, more importantly, shouldn’t Havering Council have been informed first and foremost? Perhaps they were. So Mr Prince, let’s ask that question first, because I can’t believe Tfl would have been able to just rock up and start the works without some form of approval or notification to/from Havering Council beforehand. Once you have that answer, then Tfl can give a full explanation. If we don’t know that Havering Council were informed beforehand, how’s it going to look for you when Tfl tell you that they did consult with the Council? If you want answers, ensure you ask everyone who might be involved, all the questions needed to give those answers!

  • 29th October 2020 at 11:32 am

    Why can’t this type of work be done at night? Other trades manage


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