VIDEO: Deer caught in metal railings rescued.

Mick Hockley and his team of animal rescuers were out in full force yesterday to help rescue a deer that had got trapped in a set of railings in Harold Hill.

Mick received a phone call on Sunday morning informing him of the poor deer who had got herself stuck.

He told the Havering Daily: “My friend had been out walking his dog and had seen the deer caught in the railings so called me straight away.

“It looked like she had got her head through first but sadly her body had got trapped in the railings and she couldn’t move.”

The deer was trapped along Sheffield Drive in Harold Hill.

Mick continued: “As soon as I got the call I gathered my tools and went round to Sheffield Drive to rescue her. Luckily we were able to cut the railings and allow her to go free. She was unharmed and ran off so a good news story for once.

“Sadly of late we have had more bad stories then good stories with people running animals over and not evening bothering to stop. On Sunday morning a guy hit a fox. He got out of the car and saw it injured and just drove off and left it. That fox lay in pain for hours with another fox whimpering next to her side before a lady contacted me and I went to collect her. Unfortunately she had to be put down. People have no respect for animals.”

The little fox that sadly had to be put to sleep after being hit by a car. The driver got out and saw it injured and just drove off leaving it in pain.

Well done to Mick and his team for rescuing animals. Mick along side Councillor Jan Sargent run the Harold Hill Deer Aid page on Facebook that is very successful.

Please respect all animals.

The deer being rescued on Sunday morning.

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