Andrew Rosindell MP leaves post as Trade Envoy to Tanzania.

Andrew Rosindell, M.P. for Romford, has left his post as Trade Envoy to Tanzania after voting against the government’s latest round of COVID measures.

Mr Rosindell described the Prime Minister’s decision to relieve him of his duties as “bizarre” but called his time in the post “an honour and a privilege.”

The decision was criticised on social media, with the journalist and politician Suzanne Evans writing that Mr Rosindell was sacked “for expressing common sense and wanting to save jobs.”

Andrew Rosindell M.P. said: 

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Tanzania since 2018 and represent my country, supporting our Global Britain agenda with our Commonwealth friends. I thank the Rt Hon Theresa May for appointing me in 2018 and giving me this opportunity.

Today, I am sad to be leaving the role, having worked so well with our friends from Tanzania, the excellent team at the British Embassy in Tanzania and especially the Former High Commissioner Sarah Cooke and current High Commissioner David Concar. My thanks also go to the staff of the Department for International Trade for their support and guidance throughout my time in office.

It puzzles me how the Prime Minister can allow such a counterproductive and bizarre decision to remove me from office, simply for voting to keep our UK economy open for business. Yes, we must fight the virus and all threats to the health of our nation, taking every precaution.

However, closing down whole sections of our economy, putting companies out of business, creating mass unemployment and taking away the freedom that British people cherish, is not the answer and it won’t work. Freedom with responsibility is what I thought the Conservative Party stood for!

We should instead do what Britons do best and ‘keep calm and carry on’!”

The British High Commission in Tanzania said:

Thank you to Andrew Rosindell  for his work as Trade Envoy to Tanzania, including his engagement with Tanzania on mutual trade and investment opportunities and contribution to promoting shared prosperity.”

One thought on “Andrew Rosindell MP leaves post as Trade Envoy to Tanzania.

  • 22nd October 2020 at 9:46 am

    Believe it or not, Mr Rosindale, I am genuinely sorry that you have lost you post as Trade Envoy to Tanzania. It is not pleasant for anyone to lose their job regardless of who they are. Fortunately, you still have your role as an MP to fall back on, so you’ll still be earning more than the average UK wage. Perhaps, more interesting, losing your job just confirms what democracy means to the Conservatives. It is ‘my way or the highway’. We have a similar situation in the Conservative controlled, (pun intended), London Borough of Havering. Why not show your further dissatisfaction with the government’s latest round of COVID measures and vote with your feet as well. That would really show what you think of the measures being introduced.


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