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In the heart of Havering an organisation called ‘Dicing With Life’ meet three times a week to bring people in the borough together using table top games.

The team meet at the Hope Cafe in Romford market where they all come together to play table top games from the old style Monopoly to the latest games on the market.

The project was started three years ago by founder Lauren Gee. She told the Havering Daily: “I was moving to the area and I didn’t know anyone there so I thought this would be a really great way to make new friends and do something positive for the community.”

The project has gone from strength to strength with many people across the borough coming together to play games at the sessions.

“We began an outreach programme as we realised many people were really nervous in coming to the sessions and meeting others. We have dedicated volunteers that go round and meet people so they feel more at ease when they join us at the sessions.

“Our vision is to bring people together using tabletop games – sharing skills for gaming, introducing each other to the games we love, and exploring new games.”

The company have now started a council led crowdfunding scheme to help them raise money to be able to provide more games for the community and offer more online sessions during the pandemic.

Here’s what they hope to do:

1. We have partnered with Hope4Having to open a venue which can be used as a Games Cafe (Hope Cafe, Romford Market Place). We already have a small library of games which are available every day during opening hours, and we want to grow this game’s library so that it has something for everyone! Your backing can help us create a fantastic, accessible, local resource for the community.

2. We will run skills-sharing workshops based around taking part in and sharing the love of tabletop gaming. These include: – miniature painting – terrain building – games mastering – storytelling – social media and marketing. Your backing will help us get the resources we need to make these workshops happen.

Dicing With Life has bought happiness in the lives of many across the borough. It has given them a place to go and meet others and enjoy some fun games.

Lauren will be sharing with us all the latest news from the group once a week, so watch this space!

Please see the Spacehive link below to donate


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