Back Our Bobbies:Hero police officer turns pupil’s life around.

PC Charles Senghor will receive a commendation today from the East Area Borough Commander Stephen Clayman.

PC Senghor will be praised for the incredible work he did helping a pupil turn her life around, come away from trouble and join the Met police to serve as an officer.

PC Senghor has been a serving Met Police Officer for 18 years. He currently works as a School’s Officer at Mayfield Secondary School in Dagenham. It is here that he met the pupil who was always getting in trouble.

PC Senghor told the Havering Daily: “I met her five years ago when she was brought to my attention for anti social behaviour. She was very lippy and always involved in fights. Whenever there was a fight she was always involved.

“I sat her down and had a chat with her and said to her, ‘have you thought about joining the police where you can have controlled fights?’. She looked at me like I was crazy and said ‘I could never do that, plus I wear a headscarf how can I join the police?’

“I told her that there were other ladies wearing headscarves in the police and that of course she could join.”

PC Senghor then encouraged the pupil to join the police cadets and see for herself what it was like, which she did.

Now five years on and the pupil has left school and joined the Met Police.

PC Senghor finished: “She thoroughly enjoyed her time as a police cadet and she came up to me at the end of her time as a cadet and said ‘Sir you know you said I should join the police, well how do I go about joining?’.

At today’s ceremony PC Senghor will be praised for the fantastic work he does on a daily basis in schools and how he has changed a person’s life for the better.

Well done PC Senghor! You are a real community hero!

PC Charles Senghor will be awarded his commendation today by the Borough Commander Stephen Clayman.

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