Councillor’s Corner -Councillor Ray Morgon.

Hornchurch Resident Association Councillor and Leader of the Opposition, Ray Morgan, today writes in the Havering Daily:

Last week, as part of the Havering Daily’s ongoing focus on the fear of ‘Overdevelopment in Havering’, the Leader of the Council stated he had ‘long campaigned for the right type of development in Havering’ but blames Mayoral housing targets for any problems.

I am amused to read about the Leader of the Council’s so-called campaign about having the right sort of development in Havering. There has been no such campaign. The facts are that only the RA’s have been continuously raising this subject, particularly Members of the Council’s Strategic Planning Committee, who have been fighting against Conservative members nodding through large scale developments with little challenge.”

The Leader seeks to blame the Mayor of London’s housing targets, which I would agree are too high, but fails to mention that his own party’s Housing Minister has told Sadiq Khan that his targets are nowhere near large enough. As for disenfranchising our residents, that has already happened under his watch

It is also RA members who have been challenging the Council into having the right level of infrastructure and personnel (presently underfunded) to support a rapidly increasing population brought about by a large increase in housing developments. It is becoming a serious crisis.

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