Cat found without head and tail in Harold Hill-owner fears he was decapitated.

A Harold Hill woman was left heartbroken following the discovery of a cat’s body that had been decapitated and without his tail.

Claire lost her cat Lincoln on October 6th and days after a neighbour found the body of a cat covered in blood with no head or tail that sadly could not be identified.

Now, Claire fears there is a cat killer in the area after several reports of cats being found without their heads and tails and she still does not know if that was her cat.

She told the Havering Daily: “My cat has been missing for three weeks now and it is not like him to do that. Lincoln is a big cat and my neighbour described the cat’s body that he found as either a big cat or small dog so that does sound like my Lincoln but the body has gone and I will never know.”

The cat’s body was found a mile and a half from where Claire lives and she is concerned that there is foul play involved.

Claire continued: “I have been told that there is a man who goes about killing cats, in particular decapitating them. My friend who lives in Romford had her cat decapitated as well. It’s devastating for me as I do not know what has happened to him, it’s the not knowing that makes it so hard. It has been just awful really, horrendous to think that my cat had his head and tail cut off.

“I want to warn other cat owners to please be careful as there could be someone out there doing this to our pets.”

The borough’s Wildlife Officer PC Kiddle told the Havering Daily: “We are aware of a number of reports of cats being found decapitated. If anyone does have any information on this or has had this happen to their cat please report it and let us know.”

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