VIDEO- APPEAL: ‘We’ve lost pretty much everything’-fire destroys family home.


A go fund me page has been launched to help a family who have lost everything due to a fire. The tragic incident took place last week and has left the devastated family with no where to live.

Last Saturday 10th of October a fire gutted a house in Dagenham with flames completely destroying the upstairs, with smoke and water damaging the ground floor.

The rented house was occupied by Nicola a single mum with four children, one of whom has learning disabilities. Now the family have lost everything just weeks before Christmas and find themselves sofa serving.

Nicola spoke to the Havering Daily about the tragic event that has left her and her family heartbroken.

“I don’t have anywhere for my family to live now. We are homeless and have lost nearly everything. The fire started in my son’s bedroom due to an electrical fault and the whole of the upstairs was engulfed in flames. Downstairs has been ruined by smoke and water.

“It has been horrendous, my 14 year old daughter is a total hero, she got everyone out of the house and as animal lovers she rushed to rescue our dog. Sadly we had two rabbits that lived in her bedroom and they did not make it. She is completely devastated.”

The family have been hoping that their landlords will re-home them as soon as possible but so far this has not happened.

“It has been awful, the impact hits you afterwards.”

Nicola who works as carer in Havering and Barking and Dagenham is desperate to find a home for herself and her children before Christmas.

Local Councillor Peter Chand has been helping the single mum, he told the Havering Daily:

“Nicola is a single mum who works all the hours under the sun and raise her children on her own. Her house was privately rented and now the landlord has done nothing to help her and her family. She has lost pretty much everything.

“She works hard as a carer helping the elderly get out of bed and get dressed and now she finds herself homeless. The landlords are supposed to find her a place to live but they are not playing ball. Not only that but they have not shown her any empathy whatsoever.

“The council is looking at ways to help her as much as we can.”

Nicola is also looking for any donations of towels, bed linen or children’s pyjama’s to help her start again.

Please see the go fund me link below to help Nicola and her family.

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