Back Our Bobbies-Video. Meet Havering’s School’s and Youth Engagement Officers.


This week the Havering Daily was very proud to meet three of the Met Police’s finest Officers.

PC Anthony Kiddle and PC Rob Seabright are our Youth Engagement Officers who run the Volunteer Police Cadet groups across Havering and Dagenham. These officers spend their days dedicating their time helping youngsters in the borough achieve positive results by joining the police cadets and participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Both Officers spend weekends running training camps and other activities to help youngsters in the area.

PC Mark ‘Taff’ Edwards MBE is Havering’s School’s Officer. Taff is a well known and respected officer in our borough having spent a lot of his career helping school children throughout Havering and working closely with schools all across the area. Taff not only promotes positive behaviour but helps pupils stay out of trouble.

These three Officers are a fantastic role model for youths in Havering and Dagenham. Not only are they police officers but they also run charity programmes supporting those in need.

Please meet PC Kiddle, PC Seabright and PC Taff Edwards!

PC Taff Edwards.
PC Anthony Kiddle.
PC Rob Seabright.

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