‘We were just the first to see the light, to see that the world outside the E U was one of restored freedoms and renewed control over our borders.’

Today the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell writes his response to the European Union commencing legal proceedings against the UK.

Mr Rosindell writes:

In 2016 I remember watching the European Union bully David Cameron over his attempt at renegotiating the UK’s relationship with the EU. I couldn’t completely understand why, with a British exit from the EU clearly a possibility, Brussels would choose to behave like this to one of its most important members and largest trading partner!

The years since have demonstrated that this behaviour is inherent to the way the EU operates. The whole aim of the project is to transfer sovereignty and decision-making power away from the peoples of the nations of this great continent. Any country which dares to dispute will be browbeaten into submission, that is now clear.

We were just the first to see the light. The first to see that the world outside the European Union was one of restored freedoms and renewed control over our borders, money, laws and fisheries. The first to see the huge economic gain that could be delivered to the peoples of these islands through enhanced trade with the Commonwealth and the developing world.

How Ursula Von der Leyen has proved us right! Today she announced that in an act of legal thuggery Brussels is putting us on “formal notice for breaching its obligations under the Withdrawal Agreement.” I know this will make my constituents’ blood boil. Our great nation saved Europe from the evil of fascism. Since then we have used our military might along with the United States to guard the borders of central and then eastern Europe from the evils of communism and revisionist Russia. While the European Union was asleep at the wheel, we intervened to defend Kosovo and Bosnia.

Why are we on “formal notice”? Well it has been absolutely clear for months that the EU has no intention of negotiating in good faith. Its actions reveal one fundamental goal: to divide the island of Britain from our kith and kin in Northern Ireland. The Internal Market Bill which Europe is so enraged at, simply guarantees our constitutional future in the event of no deal.

Coming into 2020, I felt positive about the UK-EU negotiations, and the chances of agreeing a comprehensive free trade deal, which allowed us to take back control while still maintaining our economic ties with the continent.

Now it is clear that the only outcome to these negotiations that will end once and for is the EU’s interference in the affairs of the UK is a No Deal!  I say, bring it on!

5 thoughts on “‘We were just the first to see the light, to see that the world outside the E U was one of restored freedoms and renewed control over our borders.’

  • 5th October 2020 at 3:49 pm

    “Our great nation saved Europe from the evil of fascism.”

    Britain was a member of a coalition which was led by the USA and the Soviet Union. British forces were commanded by the US general Eisenhower. There were more US soldiers in the Britain than British soldiers in 1943. Andrew’s understanding of history is pitiful which helps feed his Brexit delusions.

    • 6th October 2020 at 1:04 pm

      Mr Rosindell, the only reason my blood will boil will be the expected price rises after Brexit.
      In addition I’m not looking forward to going through custom barriers when I go to France.

  • 6th October 2020 at 5:52 pm

    Mr Rosindell lives in a parallel universe where he thinks Britain still has an empire and that the rest of the world doffs their caps to us. In reality, come 2021 when the damaging effects of Brexit kick in, we will be a second-rate insignificant island off the coast of the world’s biggest and most successful trading bloc. We’ll get trade deals for sure – but they’ll now be to the greater benefit of the ‘other side’ as we no longer have the clout of EU membership and we’ll get the scraps from the table. As for this drivel about Brussels controlling our laws, borders, money etc – if that were the case, we would drive on the right, buy litres of beer with Euros, be a member of the Schengen zone and use two-pin plugs. We are and always have been an independent country. Rosindell is once again lying through his teeth to promote his backward-looking xenophobic wet dreams.

    • 6th October 2020 at 7:20 pm

      The government has admitted that its IM bill is a breach of international law. The Withdrawal Agreement has provisions for dealing with such breaches, and the EU is simply following them. As a constituent it makes my blood boil that your government is breaking international law and dragging this country’s reputation through the mud. You voted for the WA, and campaigned on it last year. Your constituents understand this is just another cynical attempt to blame others for your failures and incompetence.

      • 6th October 2020 at 7:49 pm

        Given that Rosindell campaigned (along with all other Conservative candidates) in December on the Withdrawal Agreement being a ‘fantastic oven ready deal’ and now, along with all but two of those said candidates, votescafainst it, there can be only three explanations:- a) you hadn’t read it and had no idea what was in it; b) you lied to your constituents in December last year or; c) you’re lying to them now.

        Which is it Andrew – a), b) or c) ?

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