Daughter desperately seeks information on father following his death from asbestos.

Lisa-Marie Walton is desperately seeking anyone who knew her father or worked at WJ Brooker based in Romford between the years 1967,68 and 69.

Her father Melvin Brooks worked at Tilbury Power station as a pipe painter in 1968 where it is believed he became exposed to asbestos which then attributed to his death in 2018.

Now Lisa is seeking to make contact with anyone else who worked at Tilbury Power station between 67,68, and 69 who may have also been exposed to asbestos.

Lisa told the Havering Daily: “My father worked as a pipe painter and the only place where we believe he came into contact with asbesto is at Tilbury Power station. We are now desperately looking for anyone else who may have worked there and may have also been exposed to asbesto.”

Lisa’s father was fit and healthy for most of his life until the summer of 2017 when he went for a walk returning home saying he couldn’t breathe very well.

When he went to the doctor and under went a series of tests, her father was told that he had Mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos.

Lisa continued: “His lungs were full of fluid and they found asbestos. He had five rounds of chemotherapy but sadly the cancer still progressed. It was an aggressive form of cancer where there is no cure just treatment to prolong life for as long as possible.”

Sadly, Lisa’s father died a few months later of cancer.

“It is the only cancer that can be proved to be caused by asbestos as it actually shows up in the lungs,” added Lisa. “Asbestos stays dormant in the body for up to twenty years then at a certain age it starts to show and this is how my father died.”

An inquest was held into his death following the discovery of asbestos.

Lisa and her family are seeking to find anyone who may have worked at Tilbury Power Station during 1967,68 and ’69. The family are interested in learning more about his job as a pipe painter and the exposure to asbestos.

If you have any information that may help Lisa and her family, please contact Laura Magson from Boyes Turner solicitors on 07788279118.


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