Dan runs around the world to raise money for cancer.

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Last week Dan Thompson ran around Havering-atte-Bower as part of a campaign to ‘Run the World’ in a bid to raise money for cancer research.

Dan from Haringey, is running in 206 countries and undertaking 250 runs in total. He is running two and a half million metres which equals 1 metre for every cancer sufferer in the Uk.

He told the Havering Daily: “I never used to be a runner until 2008 when I ran the London marathon and it began from there.

“I undertook the Olympic challenge where I did every Olympic sport to raise money for charity. Now I spend my time helping get people active in as many ways as possible.”

Unfortunately due to Covid Dan had to stop running in other countries but is looking forward to getting back to it once the pandemic is over.

“I have seen some really awful things around the world but it’s been great having the chance to help people globally to get active.”

Run the World started off as a challenge to run 10km in all 206 countries in the world to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. It has grown to encompass school (and company) talks ; media work ; and the Run the World Foundation – all with an overriding objective to promote active, healthy lifestyles and the resulting mental and physical health benefits.

Dan is also running an additional 44 x 10 km runs in the UK to take his global total to 250 x 10 km runs. Which is equivalent to running  2 500 000 metres – one metre for every one of the 2 ½ million cancer sufferers in the UK. 

33 of those additional runs will be in London – one in all 32 boroughs plus one in the City of London.

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