Wetlands area to be included in new Beam Park development.

South Hornchurch Labour Activist Trevor McKeever today writes in the Havering Daily on the new Beam Park development.

Some, good news coming out of a meeting with the developers at Beam park, I’m informed that the developers have reiterated their commitment to the green open spaces in Beam Park as outlined in the consultation, this will apply on the Havering side and the Dagenham side of the development.

There is a proposed creation of a 2.5 hectare central park that will be at the heart of the community, also contained on the site will be wetlands to promote biodiversity, Also proposed are allotments, picnic areas, BBQ facility’s & informal play areas, the percentages being quoted at this time are 30% Parks & Open spaces, 20% Grass verges & trees

Speaking to the developers biodiversity representative at one of the first consultations, I highlighted that the area had been prone to flooding in the past and the near proximity of the A13 had its own challenges, I asked had they considered the flora and Fauna that could be advantageous to the site. I suggested that they plant weeping willows on the wetlands because of there ability to absorb water, also London Planes Trees as they have the ability to absorb air pollution, contaminates such as NO2, Pm10s, SO2, & CO, these trees are not the only solution, English Ivy also absorbs CO2, Poplar Trees absorb trace elements in soils including sewage sludge and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

I feel the developers have a fantastic opportunity to create a healthy ECO/biodiversity system that will in turn have a positive impact not only on the new residents but existing residents as well.

Trevor Mckeever

South Hornchurch 

Labour Action Team

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