‘We are not getting our garden suburb.’

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South Hornchurch resident Daniel Beal has launched a campaign against a developer’s application to put a 10 storey building overlooking the New Road (A1306) near the proposed Beam Park development

Daniel told the Havering Daily: “We were promised a ‘Garden Suburb’  along the New Road, South Hornchurch, with plenty of family houses with Gardens. The Council even produced a booklet I read called the Rainham Beam Park Planning Framework that supported that vision. Yet the new developments going up along the road are almost all tower blocks and there are few 3 bedroom family units. I understand there will be an attempt to ‘green’ the road and that’s good but it will not resemble a Garden suburb!” 

He added “The apartments overlooking New Road, in order to ‘integrate’ the new Beam Park development with existing residential streets, were not meant to be higher than 4-6 storeys. Unfortunately, too many blocks are indeed going up higher and Clarion now want to put up a totally inappropriate 10 storey block overlooking New Road, purely to make more money.”

Express your opinion,The planning application is out for consultation and any views on the proposal should be e -mailed ASAP to ben.dixon@havering.gov.uk quoting Application number P1022.20.

Picture credit to Countryside Developers.

2 thoughts on “‘We are not getting our garden suburb.’

  • 14th September 2020 at 8:58 pm

    As per usual, the ruling Council in Havering ‘promised the residents of South Hornchurch, ‘the world’ iby way of a ‘Garden Suburb’ in a pathetic attempt to try and win the ‘Leader’ of the Council a few extra votes at the last General election when he was attempting to become an MP. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your persuasion, and I prefer the former, Mr White was not elected as the MP for the area. As a result, for Mr Beal and the other South Hornchurch residents, the ‘Garden Suburb’ will not go ahead because this could be his means of retribution for that failure. On the point of the ‘Garden Suburb not going ahead, I am truly sorry, but as we all know, coming from a ‘politician’, if it is too good to be true, it is. Can you imagine what it would be like if Mr White had been elected as the MP. I mean, how could he have carried out the two roles, which he stated quite categorically he could do, when he is ‘so busy’ doing the one role he is in at this time? Personally, I believe the ‘Garden Suburb’ wouldn’t have gone ahead anyway, even if Mr White had, ‘God forbid’, won the seat, because his ‘housing’ project takes precedent. I know the residents of South Hornchurch will remember the ‘Garden Suburb’ whether next Council elections take place, if they are not ‘bribed’ with something else beforehand…..


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