Woman’s possessions go missing following house move.

A Havering woman has been battling with a removal company based in Rainham Road South to get compensation for her mother in law after some of her belongings went mysteriously missing during the move.

The woman who did not wish to be named, has been helping her mother in law after having coins worth up to £400 disappear from one of her boxes, a coat and an ornate bathroom mirror all go missing following her move.

She told the Havering Daily: “My mother in law was moving from Leyton to Holland on Sea and we are moving too and were looking for a good removal company that would do the job for us and other family members.

“We found this company in Dagenham and informed them that we would be putting quite a bit of business their way so they seemed pleased and we got a quote and a discount.

“They arrived on moving day with two big lorries and five removal men. Moving is quite an overwhelming experience so it was all quite hectic really. My mother in law had one particular box that she did not want put on the lorry as she had valuable coins in them and her jewellery, yet the box was put on the lorry before she knew it.

“She wasn’t too worried at this stage as we all thought the lorries were going from her old house to her new house so that would be it. The whole process was daunting as most people know and took ages. The last thing they took was her ornate bathroom mirror that she is very fond of.”

Unfortunately things did not go according to plan.

“When we got to her new house there had been a delay in the exchange and the keys were not quite ready to be collected. The removal company said that they could not wait and told my mother in law that having already paid £1000 she was now being charged an extra £800 for the company to return the day after. She was very concerned as she did not know where he stuff was being taken to.

“They did return the following day and her belongings were unpacked. Sadly it was at this stage that we discovered some of her property had gone missing. The box that she did not want to go on the lorry contained a collection of special £2 coins she had been collecting and special £5 notes. They were worth about £400 and they had all gone. A coat had disappeared and her ornate bathroom mirror was also missing.

“I felt sick to the stomach. It was the thought that someone had just gone through all her possessions like that. I called the owner and he basically palmed me off saying that they do not take responsibility for people’s possessions. We were all really gutted.

“The owner did not really want to know, we have repeatedly asked him where the mirror is. He said he found it and my husband went into collect it, instead it was a piece of wall art and not our mirror. I don’t know whose property that was but obviously someone else has had other property taken too.

“This has been a really awful experience. You don’t expect someone to go through all your personal belongings like that. On Tuesday I phoned the office again and I got through to a woman who very abruptly told me she was dealing with our issue. No compensation has been offered to this day, no apology, nothing.

“This has been a nightmare. My poor mother in law even tipped all the drivers to say thank you. It’s been awful.”

The matter has now been referred to the police.

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