‘Let us help with travel plans’-Havering Cyclists tell council.

The Havering Cyclists group today write in the Havering Daily.

Following the “Let Havering Cycle” protest bike ride last week, Councillor Damian White issued a video message in which he said:

“We are determined to make sure we can get the best outcomes for our cyclists and for our residents and to encourage as much modal shift as possible; and I’m going to be lobbying both the Mayor of London and the Secretary of State’s department to give Havering its fair share to be able to provide cycling infrastructure that’s needed to do everything possible to reduce air pollution in all of our hotspots”.

In response, Havering Cyclists spokesperson Jeff Stafford said: 

“We warmly welcome his words but from experience in other boroughs, we know that in order to be successful in his lobbying, Havering will need to develop a plan that promises real benefits to those wanting to walk and cycle and this still appears to be missing from his stated aims. 

“We have seen many examples of councils who have gone ahead and provided cycling infrastructure without any consultation with the users and which have consequently proved to be a disappointing waste of taxpayers’ money. 

“Councillor White did mention that he would be pleased to discuss this with our XR colleagues and ourselves so we urge him to engage with us so that we can share our experience and help him develop a really worthwhile plan for Havering.”

Jeff at a cycle information stand in Romford market.

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