Harold Wood Councillors step up to the mark and clear pathway.

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Residents in Harold Wood had complained about the over hanging blackberry bushes and bramble bushes in a local alleyway. Locals were unhappy with the way the plants had grown out of control and taking up a lot of the pathway.

In response Harold Wood Councillors Brian Eagling and Martin Goode spent over an hour cutting back the overhanging blackberry bushes and bramble bushes themselves following complaints from the local residents.

The local councillors knew that with the ongoing situation with Covid 19, certain procedures are taking longer at the moment so decided to take matters into their own hands and cut the bushes back themselves.

Councillor Eagling told the Havering Daily: “We decided to do the work ourselves and help our residents. It didn’t take long and the alleyway is much safer for the community now.”

One thought on “Harold Wood Councillors step up to the mark and clear pathway.

  • 28th August 2020 at 6:17 am

    Why do they pretend to be a residents association?
    You can’t join it
    You can’t go to residents meetings
    They don’t want to hear from residents


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