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Councillor Graham Williamson from South Hornchurch writes in the Havering Daily.

The flooding of the South of Havering, primarily Rainham, came as a great shock to the rest of the borough but not so much to Rainham Councillor Jeffrey Tucker. 

For a number of years he has been complaining about individual resident’s flooding problems and calling for action but that has largely fallen on deaf ears.

His last attempt to get the Council to help a resident was the 11th August, one week before the floods!

At the most recent Full (Zoom) Council meeting on July 8th Councillor Tucker put in a question: ‘In view of new developments by Dovers Corner and in Rainham Village, please provide an update on any new infrastructure and planned maintenance of river and culverts to protect Rainham Village and Conservation Area from flooding?’

‘There had not been any internal flooding in Rainham…’

Cabinet member for the Environment, Osman Dervish, largely focused in his answer on how the River Ingrebourne needs to controlled but, in answer to a supplementary question ‘how drains in Rainham Village that were old and in need of repair would be maintained correctly.’, the Cabinet Member responded that ”there had not been any internal flooding in Rainham Properties since 2010.”!

A number of residents and Cllr Tucker know this wasn’t true and six weeks later the rest of Rainham knew it wasn’t true too.

‘We have been let down’

Cllr Tucker said ”I appreciate that the responsibility for cleaning gulley’s and drains rests amongst a number of bodies but the Council have been made aware of flooding and blockages for ages now. I would have expected them to put pressure upon other agencies to get their act together in the interests of our residents, but they didn’t. It is a little bit late to now send teams down to Rainham. We have been let down.”.

Cllr Graham Williamson is a Havering Resident Association Councillor for South Hornchurch

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