Back Our Bobbies campaign.

The Havering Daily is today launching its ‘Back the Bobbies’ campaign supporting our police.

We are asking the community to come together and support those who support us.

Assaults on officers have recently risen by 40% and now is the time to support our bobby.

Local Members of Parliament, Council Leaders and members of the GLA have come out to support the police during these challenging times.

The Havering Daily has designed a poster for the community to print out and put in visible places to show your support for our police.

Download the poster here:

Please join our campaign to ‘Back our Bobbies’.

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell said:

“Our police force do one of the hardest jobs in our community. The challenges they face on a daily basis is quite astounding. I have been out with the police on numerous occasions to witness first hand the incredible job they do.

“I fully support our police and have respect for the hard work they do in our community to keep us all safe.”

Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas said:

“The police have faced unprecedented pressure over the last few months to keep us safe in these uncertain times. I am in regular communications with the Borough Commander regarding Covid 19 enforcement and some serious crimes which have taken place recently.

“The Met are vastly overstretched at the moment and deserve our support.”

Havering’s Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White said:

“Police officers across our borough work incredibly hard to keep the residents of Havering safe. Having been out with officers here locally I have witnessed just how incredibly challenging their job is and what an incredible job they do.

“They have my full support and thanks and it is our duty to help support them when we can.”

Conservative GLA member for Havering and Redbridge Keith Prince said:

“I am always happy to stand up and support our police. The current Mayor seems to go missing when the time comes to come out and support our police and sends mixed messages. We must unite to support them and protect them as they protect us.

“You cannot say every police officer is racist that is a ridiculous thing to say. I know police officers on all levels and know just how hard they work.”

Please support our ‘Back the Bobbies’ campaign and send us pictures of your posts for us to feature.

2 thoughts on “Back Our Bobbies campaign.

  • 24th August 2020 at 3:22 pm

    Perhaps Keith prince could go to his Government and have the police fully funded, between 16/20 % cuts from police funding in the last ten years. More smoke and mirrors from the Tory party, this is a national problem not just a local issue, typical Tory if something is going wrong blame everyone else except yourself. The Mayor of London used his powers to put a precept on the council tax to increase the number of police officers, this decision was a necessity due to underfunding from Tory central Government. Also before you bleat on about the extra police offices that are being recruited they will only replace the ones that were taken away due to funding, also by the time these new officers are recruited nearly the same amount would have retired according to the police federation, so not really an increase in officers, and let’s not forget the 23,000 police support staff Cut.

  • 26th August 2020 at 8:18 am

    Our police officers do an amazing job, day and night, out in any weather often with leave cancelled to cover other events. Our NPTs know the Wards they work in extremely well and are always happy to stop and chat with residents. Take the uniform off and they too are human, have feelings, have families and care about where they live. We should do everything we can to keep them safe and support them in what they do. I have been lucky enough to go out with various teams and have seen at first hand the aggression they face and how quickly a situation can change. They never know when they stop someone what that person might be carrying and a simple vehicle stop could find them confronted by some really nasty weapons. They get my support 100% and I take my hat off to them.


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