A local shop and stall with a true local history.

Storky Baby and Children’s Wear has been part of the Havering community for 78 years. The stall in Romford market has provided outstanding children’s clothing for many generations across the borough and is a well-known name.

Caron Webb took over the Romford market stall 28 years ago and now also has a shop in the Mercury Mall. Caron is a well-known name in Romford having lived there all her life and of course having a very famous grandmother, Nellie Sims.

Caron told the Havering Daily: “My grandmother was very well known here in Romford, she even has a road named after her Sims Close.”

Nellie was a local legend, not only did she run a florist but she also dedicated her time doing charity work for local charities here.

“She was a great ambassador for a deaf and dumb charity. She also organised the Romford Carnival in Romford market every year and she nearly became Mayor but she declined the offer!”

Nellie was known for her amazing contribution to charity and for being a lady who knew how to get things done.

“She invited Margaret Thatcher to Romford and they walked around the area together,” added Caron.

Grandmother Nellie Sims with Baroness Thatcher.

Caron has learned a lot from her grandmother after working alongside her. “I have always taught my family to shop local and help the local community. At work be it in the stall or in the shop we like to add the personal touch and spend time talking to our customers. We like to engage with them and myself and my daughter who runs the shop in the Mercury Mall have a lot of time for people.”

The Romford MP Andrew Roisndell told the Havering Daily: “Nellie Sims was an amazing local lady here in our community. I had the honour of meeting her on many occasions and remember her when Baroness Thatcher came to visit Romford.

“I totally support shopping locally and thank Caron for the incredible work she does in the community and serving the people of Havering for over twenty years. What a fantastic story of hard work bringing success Caron is here in Romford.”

Caron on her stall in Romford market with Romford MP Andrew Rosindell.

If you are looking for fantastic baby wear and you want to shop locally then head down to see Caron at her stall in Romford market for the shop in the Mercury Mall.

Storky in the Mercury Mall.

For more information on Storky Baby and Children’s wear see the link below.


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