Borthwick casting agency hits the big time with Dagenham film studios.

Sharon Borthwick is not just a successful businesswoman but she is also the mother of a very well known actor.

The local lady got involved in the acting world after her son Jamie Borthwick landed a role in EastEnders as Jay Brown when he was twelve years old.

Sharon now runs Borthwick Casting that has three roles to it. It does feature roles for children, supporting artists for children and adults, and also runs a performing arts school in Dagenham.

Sharon is a local lady who focuses on helping all locals in the area get the big break they need and now with the new Dagenham film studios to be built soon, Sharon is ready to expand her business further.

“We are based at London East where the new film studios are going to be built and we focus on helping as many local kids and adults as possible. The new film studio will provide many fantastic opportunities for us and all the locals in east London.”

Borthwick Casting is the only agency in the area and it also provides an amazing performing arts school to teach youngsters the skills needed to work in the film and theatre industry.

The performing arts school.

Sharon continued: “These past few months have been difficult with the film studios closed but we have just been given the green light to start our performing arts school again on July 25. Auditions are now different as well because of the pandemic so there are many new learning curves for us all.”

The Dagenham film studios will hopefully provide many job opportunities for locals in east London.

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