Appeal: Wool needed to help raise money for St Francis Hospice!

Jan Smith is an amazing lady from Gidea Park. To help raise money for St Francis hospice she is currently knitting different characters to put a smile on people’s faces.

The characters have bunny heads and whatever form you want the rest such as West Ham footballers, cheerleaders, policemen and nurses.

Jan spoke to the Havering Daily in regards to how these characters took shape. “I began knitting Easter Peter Rabbit bunnies that I filled with Easter eggs. The bunnies went really well and raised money so I decided to knit a Covid nurse for the hospice that I filled with hand cream. That raised £500 which was great.

“People then started to ask me to make them different characters such as policemen, footballers and even a cheer leader! Luckily I got a donation of four boxes of hand sanitizers from the hospice so I’m able to use that as fillers.”

The characters cost £5 and all the money raised goes to St Francis Hospice where Jan volunteers two days a week.

“I’m an Orange Line volunteer two days a week and have been doing this for five years. The hospice helped me during a difficult time so it’s great to be able to give back to them”.

Jan’s husband was diagnosed with Cancer a few years ago and her mother and father were both in hospital all during the same period. Struggling to deal with, this Jan began to knit to help her get through a difficult time in her life.

“Knitting helped me through a dark time and the hospice were amazing. It’s great to be able to do something to help them so I’ve been knitting like mad!”

Jan’s family are all well now and she has been focusing her time trying to raise as much money as she can for St Francis Hospice.

Jan is looking for any spare wool people may have. She desperately needs double knit wool in grey, beige, dark green,navy , white or peach to help her knit these adorable characters.

If you have any wool or are interested in buying a knitted bunny please email Jan at

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