Behind the scenes of the Deers Rest as the pub prepares to open its doors.


As the pubs officially now open again, the Havering Daily has had a behind the scenes look at the Deers Rest in Harold Hill as it open’s its doors at 11 am today.

The pub has been specially redesigned for social distancing and making sure customers are kept apart and safe.

Manager Russell Crosbie told the Havering Daily: “We have three doors that are usable so we have designed one for the entrance and two for the exit.We have moved most of the furniture out of the way so there are clear areas for customers to move around in.

“We have an order point and then customers move along to the collection point. Each table is at least one metre apart and we have a large outdoor area where people can sit comfortably apart from each other.”

The new measures are all in place for social distancing and to keep budding punters safe. The Deers Rest is now completely redesigned and ready for today’s opening after months of closure.

“I am excited but I’m also tinged with apprehension. We are learning all about the new rules so it is a learning curve for all of us.”

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