Peter Wheelband-A Havering Hero.

As lockdown began many of us faced difficulties doing our jobs due to the restrictions. Romford Labour’s Peter Wheelband is a black cab driver who found himself without work as lockdown rules kicked in.

So instead of just staying at home, Peter being the big-hearted person he is, chose to spend his time helping the community.

Peter became an admin on the Havering Mutual Aid Covid 19 group where residents shared any help them may need. He also began working with the local hospital trust charity that needed donations to help their staff during the awful pandemic.

Peter spent lockdown gathering donations from Havering residents and with his trusty cab delivering them to those in need. He went from house to house collecting donations and then delivering them to the needy. No job was ever too big or too small for Peter.

Peter is someone I know well and am very proud to call a friend. Our borough has some really amazing heroes in it and Peter is definitely one of them.

Please see his video below,

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