Gallows Corner temporary flyover celebrates its golden anniversary – Judith Garfield

Judith Garfield MBE is the Labour candidate for Havering and Redbridge in the GLA elections next year. Today she writes in the Havering Daily about the temporary flyover on Gallows corner that this week celebrates its golden anniversary.

Sadly, for far too long Gallows corner has been a place for gallows humour. The supposed ‘temporary’ flyover that was built while the Vietnam war was still raging. A whole generation of people who deserved a better, more secure flyover and didn’t get it. I know the Conservative party is meant to protect the status quo but that is pushing it. 

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Judith Garfield MBE and I am standing for Labour in Havering and Redbridge in the now delayed London Assembly election next May. I live locally, am a councillor in Redbridge, and am passionate about our area. Havering and Redbridge have only ever had a Conservative London Assembly members, however until 2018 Barkingside had only had Tory councillors and I changed that. With your help and support I can make change happen again.

Assembly member Prince gave you a potted history as to why the flyover has not been replaced. However, I am not here to reminisce about all our yesterdays, but instead I want to get the job done.  For running through AM Prince’s article was an undeniable fact, he has had four years and he has not got the job done. We would all like to have the Mayor we want, the world we want, but we must work with the world as we find it, not as we want it to be. 

People in Havering don’t just deserve better, they need better. Gallows Corner flyover is evidence of that. So, this is my promise to you, I won’t wait four years before I ask for another four years to fix things. I will work with the Mayor and his lead on transport Heidi Alexander so I have a plan in place before the election next May. You will know exactly what you will be voting for, you will not have to go into the election blind on the issue. 

I also think AM Prince is too pessimistic, just over the borough border, TFL fixed the notoriously dangerous roundabout Charlie Browns. It took politicians working together, it took ambition and it took belief and now it is done. This is outer London and it was a project that was listened to, the question is why are people in Havering not being listened to? They always say it is impossible until it happens. 

If AM Prince is saying that he can’t improve the flyover with an 80 strong Tory majority in Westminster, a Tory led council in Havering and only Tory MP’s in sight in Havering is he worth four more years?  The argument that change will onlyhappen if Shaun Bailey becomes mayor is fanciful, Shaun Bailey is currently 6/1 with the bookmakers, if that is the hope that AM Prince is hanging onto, people in Havering may be waiting another fifty years to see any improvement. 

So next May, if you vote for me, you will have a plan on the flyover on which to judge me by. You will know what you are getting. I am aware that not everyone in Havering votes for Labour politicians and having knocked on hundreds of doorsacross Havering I get why. However, if we keep voting for the same, we will keep getting the same, Gallows Corner is testament to that. Lend me your vote in May and you will get a fighter for change from day one, not just after four years.  

P.S while I have you ear, please sign my petition for a permanent testing centre for Covid 19 so we can tackle this virus in as effective a way as possible. The petition can be signed here .

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