Council meeting-Havering Residents Association.

News from the Havering Residents Association.

At last week’s meeting of full council, the election of the new Mayor, Chairs and Vice-Chairs of Committees and Member Champions took place.

Havering’s Residents Associations had not made any nominations on the principal the Leader of Havering Council has used the positions as bargaining chips within the Conservative Party membership, resulting in them having the numbers to pass through anything in the Council Chamber.

The H.R.A also proposed a Budget back in February that deleted a number of the positions being voted on, which would have seen a reduction in the number of Special Responsibility Allowances and significant saving for Havering Council.

The majority of Resident Association Councillors abstained from voting and the Leader of the Opposition Councillor Ray Morgon said “The Resident Association do not want to play any part in these antics and give credence to this corrupted system”.

Feature picture taken last year at the launch of the H.R.A.

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