Hornchurch man litter picks with his family after seeing the sad state of his park.

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A Hornchurch resident was so fed up with seeing litter in his park that he took it upon himself to clear the litter up with the help of his two children.

Will Kirk who lives near Hylands park, visits the park on a daily basis and hates to see the litter strewn all over the floor due to lazy people who just discard their rubbish on the floor.

Will told the Havering Daily: “I‘ve never been able to stand the site of litter.Our park is a small park and over the past few days with the sunny weather there has been a lot of litter left.

My son Sam has been doing a plastic pollution project and had been asking me for days to go over the park to help clear the litter up. So on Sunday myself and my son and daughter put our gloves on and went to the park to litter pick.

It was quite depressing really to see the half-drunk bottles just left on the ground. We filled up two big black sackfuls.

Will and his son Sam and daughter Anabel are certainly Havering heroes who care for their enviornment.

I’m very proud of my children, they did a great job and have asked me to go back again this weekend and do the same,” finished Will.

Well done guys!

Anabel and Sam collecting all the rubbish from Hylands park.

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