Amazing single mum sets up first anti knife app in the country.

Noreen Khan is a single mum that was faced with difficult choices to make like many other single-parent households.

So Noreen decided to ask around to see how many other single parents there were and to see what challenges they faced and what support they needed.

From here Noreen set up an organisation called ‘Nessie’ after her son to help other single parents.

Noreen told the Havering Daily: “The organisation is to facilitate prosperity for single mums. I had no support and with the other single mums, we realised that there was nowhere to go and no one to help us. So I set up this organisation to help all the mums out there that needed support.”

Within a few months Noreen had set up a framework that supported single mums and was helping over 4,000 mums.

Working closely with the Home Office Noreen has now been involved in the creation of the country’s first anti knife app called ‘Aunty Knife’.

Noreen explained: “The app was designed by Year 10 children and funded by the Home Office. We wanted to create a platform where we could help keep children safe. This has been a groundbreaking programme, it is a tangible product created by young people.

It is an information portal where young people can look up signs of bullying to see if they are being bullied and find a place for them to go to. They can put in their location and find the nearest place to go to seek help from bullying. It is there to stop children from being intimidated as well. It could potentially save lives,” finished Noreen

Courtney Barrett from Binning Knives Saves Lives, was also involved in this project and has spent a lot of his time educating children into not using knives. He is an ambassador for anti knife campaigns and has supported Noreen in this project.

Noreen is certainly a remarkable lady who is devoted to helping her community and young people in the area.

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