Gun, knives and syringes found in Harold Hill park by members of Taksal.

Volunteers from the anti knife organisation Take a Knife Save a Life found a gun, two knives and a bag full of syringes in Central park.

The team of volunteers lead by co-ordinators Rob Dean and Peter Jackson were on patrol Monday evening when they came across the offensive weapons.

The team has resumed their patrols across Havering, wearing face coverings and plastic gloves and were out searching and patrolling Central Park when they came across syringes strewn all over the floor that they collected and then also came across the knife under the bridge and the gun.

Co-ordinator Rob Dean told the Havering Daily:Myself and the team of volunteers were out on Monday evening when we came across the knife just lying there.

A member of the public informed us of another knife that we have collected and taken off the streets.

All these items are very dangerous and could potentially be used to harm others. We have now removed them from our parks and handed them in to the police.”

The Taksal team work across the borough taking dangerous items off the streets of Havering and handing them in to the police.

We are back out on the streets of Havering patrolling areas and conducting weapons sweeps across different parks in Havering. We also collect dangerous items from residents who may wish to hand them in anonymously so that we can dispose of them correctly” finished Rob.

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