Council announces independent review of race relations


The Leader of Havering Council last night responded to calls for action against racism following the tragic events that led to the death of George Floyd.

At the Council’s Annual General Meeting, he set out plans for an independent review of race relations:

Councillor Damian White said:

The questions that have been raised about racism across the country following the tragic events in America that led to the death of George Floyd requires clear and decisive action.

We must always fight for what is right and challenge ourselves to ensure that we do not allow complacency or injustice to enter our Council. Therefore, to guard against this, I am committing to an independent review of Havering Council and race relations in our borough more widely, and in particular, whether this Council has the policies and processes in place to erase bias and discrimination. The result of this report will be taken to our Cabinet.”

He added:

Our response to COVID-19 has demonstrated that we are at our best when we work together as a community and doing this work will bring us closer so we can face the economic and social recovery essential after COVID-19 together for all our benefit.”

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