Travellers arrive in Harold Hill park.

A group of travellers have arrived at Bosworth field in Harold Hill last night despite there being a borough wide injunction against illegal traveller encampment in Havering.

Councillor Jan Sargent and Eileen Gilby who is chairperson of the Heaton SNT ward panel, have been up until the late hours contacting police and trying to help resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

Councillor Sargent has been dealing with traveller encampments on a regular basis and has many years experience in dealing with these issues. She works long hours to resolve ongoing problems and told the Havering Daily:I am disappointed to see that the travellers have returned despite there being an injunction. I have been working since last night to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible for the local community. I hope the police will move them on as quickly without any delay.”

It is believed the police are now on site to enforce the injunction.

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