Joshua’s recipe of the day-Fruity scones.

As the temperatures rise in Havering our star junior chef nine-year-old Joshua Puncheon shows us how to make delicious fruity scones to enjoy with ice-cold tea on a sunny day.

Fruity Scones
500gr Self raising flour
150gr dried fruit
150gr butter
170ml milk
2tsp baking powder
1tbsp sugar

Step 1

In a bowl/ mixer add the flour.

Step 2

Add the baking powder.

Step 3

Add the sugar.

Step 4

Add the butter.

Step 5

Add the milk.

Step 6

And finally add the dried fruit.

Step 7

After mixing it, tilt it on a floured surface.

Step 8

Roll to 3cm thick.

Step 9

Cut out the shapes with a cookie cutter.

Step 10

When they are all shaped brush with milk.

Step 11

Bake at 200 c for 12-14 minutes.


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