Greenwood’s boxing gym in desperate need of financial support to stay open.

Greenwood’s boxing gym in Ardleigh Green has been providing an excellent service to the local community.

The gym not only trains youngsters to stay fit and how to box but also supports them with many programmes helping those who have been bullied, those who lack self-esteem and those who want to learn self-defence.

Now, with the current ongoing situation the gym finds itself in desperate need of financial support or it could face possible closure.

Owner Kelly Greenwood told the Havering Daily:We applied for a bounce back loan for small businesses as we met all the necessary criteria. We were told that we were eligible for the loan that we need so that we can keep the gym open.

We sent back all the necessary paperwork only to be informed that we would not be receiving it. Now we don’t know what to do. It’s soul-destroying as we provide such an important service for the community. We work with the local college and schools helping youngsters in so many different ways.”

The local business is in need of £25,000 to keep the gym open. They have been working with the council who have already provided them with a business loan and have been in contact with the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell’s office who are helping them find possible financial support.

Havering’s Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White told the Havering Daily: “The Council has provided Greenwood’s gym with financial support earlier but we are working with them to see what else we can do to support them during these difficult times.

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell told the Havering Daily: “My office has been working hard to help Greenwood gym obtain the financial support they need at this time of crisis. They provide an excellent service for our local community helping youngsters. I am working with the Government to see what financial help they can be given to ensure they survive and carry on serving local people.

Kevin and Kelly Greenwood with the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell.

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