Bluebell badge appeal launched for the NHS

A graphic designer from Upminster has launched a ‘Bluebell Appeal’ to help raise funds for the NHS.

Claire McGloin is used to being creative and being surrounded by creative people in her line of work. During these challenging times, Claire has launched the appeal to help raise money for the NHS.

She told the Havering Daily: “We are spreading the message that the bluebell is the nation’s choice of flower; a way to show our support, appreciation and thanks to all the NHS staff and volunteers.

We are encouraging everyone to get creative and get their bluebell badge to support the NHS.”

Claire’s son was in Queen’s hospital last year and she saw the incredible work the staff do there. She added: “When my son was in Queen’s for ten days, I saw first hand how hard the staff there work and the humility in which they do their jobs. So I wanted to do something positive to support them.”

If you are interested in getting a bluebell badge to support the NHS, please see the links below.

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