Joshua’s recipe of the day-Strawberry jam.

As the sun shines and the temperatures rise in Havering, our star chef nine year old Joshua Puncheon from Harold Wood today shows us how to make delicious strawberry jam.

Strawberry Jam
500gr Strawberries halved
375gr Sugar
20ml lemon juice

Step 1

Find fresh ripe strawberries.

Step 2

Wash them and cut them in halves.

Step 3

Place the strawberries in a large pan.

Step 4

Add the sugar.

Step 5

Add the lemon juice.

Step 6

Cook on a medium heat until it boils.

Step 7

With a thermometer, check the heat. When it reaches 105 c lower the heat.

Step 8

After 35 minutes, when it reaches the right consistency pour into an empty jar.

Step 9

Close the jar tightly and leave to cool.

Step 10

Leave it overnight or at least 3-4 hours.


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