Life in lockdown and why are people not listening?

By Riyad Hacib.

Creativity is life’s greatest rebellion as we all know there’s no one more creative than our youth in society so It should come as no surprise that our young are disobeying these lockdown rules and continuing to live everyday life.

At first, we see this as a negative as they are potentially putting lives at risk due to the alarming infectious rates of Covid-19 with statistics showing that over 500 confirmed cases in Havering alone but we should also see the perspective our young being stripped of creativity and house ridden this ultimately isn’t the essence of youth in turn, this is a positive rebellion and should not be seen as selfish or ignorant because youth is ignorance and in chase of everlasting thirst for knowledge.

But on the other hand, the youth need to be wary that the risk to reward ratio is much higher and the government is not asking for the youth to imprison themselves but just a small sacrifice for the bigger picture and yes this means no parties, no football matches and other un-necessary interactions.

Moreover, the elderly understand this concept thoroughly so it’s important we educate not condemn our children of society as in times of crisis of we should unite plus, nurture the development not build walls between each other on the basis of what’s right and wrong eluding to my previous point the risk to reward ratio is much higher in the risk factor causing friction between the elderly and young.

In the matter of life in lockdown, it is forcing the junior part of society too look themselves in the mirror and bring questions to the table that a usual fast-paced lifestyle of school, work and leisure would not. Questions on future ambitions, relationships and the past. These types of thoughts become overwhelming for one to handle so going out to rebel is really an escape from all these condescending thoughts that swallows one’s personality and optimism.

To conclude we all should make the sacrifice and follow these sanctions as no matter the age we all relate to each other because as people we all have our ways of escaping thoughts and pressures just some do it different than others so, lets come together to educate not condemn primarily, unite. ‘The creative adult is the child who survived’ – Ursula Leguin

One thought on “Life in lockdown and why are people not listening?

  • 5th May 2020 at 7:23 pm

    Great insight! Just to add, there is a key factor with young people going outside for non essential purposes. This may be ignorance to the real danger at hand or solely boredom. Although a solution to this is schools, universities, and social media apps creating initiatives and activities for people to keep them in their homes whilst being interactive with peers and friends
    Do you agree?


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