14 and 11-year-old boys get up early every day to make pizzas for NHS staff-Havering Heroes.

The Fat Pizza in Havering has been providing NHS staff and our paramedics with free pizzas during these challenging times. The amazing staff has been making over 100 free pizzas every day for our NHS heroes.

Not only have they been providing our community with free food but owners Sunny and Ripu have two sons who have taken it upon themselves to get up early every day and make as many pizzas as they can to feed doctors and nurses in Havering.

Fourteen-year-old Ishaan and eleven-year-old brother Raehaan Cchina get up early every day and do their school work alongside making pizzas to help the community.

Ishaan and Raehaan.

Dad Sunny told the Havering Daily: “They are really good kids and we are proud of them. They decided that they wanted to do something to help in our community so get up early every day and come in and make pizzas to help us feed the NHS staff.

We have family in the frontline and my mother is currently in hospital so I see for myself the incredible work our nurses and doctors are doing. It is challenging enough for me to just go and visit my mum at the moment in the hospital so working there every day must be so hard for the staff.

The family have been making over 100 pizzas a day for the last four weeks, with staff delivering it everyday to Queen’s hospital.

Well done Fat Pizza for helping our NHS Super heroes! You are Havering Heroes!

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