Nurses and doctors need your help now! Appeal to the community.

Staff at Queen’s and King George’s hospitals need your help!

The hospital charity is in desperate need of the following items for staff who have been moved out of their homes to care for Covid 19 patients.

Toiletries for men and women.

Individual packets of tissues.

Cooling face masks.

New magazines. (Any newsagent that has new magazines that might be out of date?)

Individual packets of biscuits.

Travel size toothbrushes and toothpaste if possible if not normal size will do.

Puzzel books.

Dry snacks (no nuts please)

Bottles of water.


Please this is a call out to all the community! Our hospital staff need your help right now. Let’s all step up to the mark and help those who are saving our country.

If you can help provide staff with any of these items, please email either or

Thank you!

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