Care home in urgent need of face visors.


A care home in Collier Row who looks after patients with dementia is in desperate need of face visors.

Staff at Lodge Lane residential care home do not have access to face visors for their carers and are in urgent need to find some.

Kim whose mum works at the care home told the Havering Daily:The carers at my mum’s home care for a large number of residents mostly with dementia and a large number of patients who are bedridden and are being provided with end of life care.

In all these cases the carers provide the residents with every aspect of their daily care and so it is vital that they have face visors. A doctor who recently visited the care home advised that carers need to be wearing visors to protect their eyes from the virus.”

If you have the ability to either provide the care home with some visors or make some for them please can you contact

Please help us to help carers during these challenging times, they need your support!

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