Crocheting for the NHS

A Hornchurch woman studying to be a surveyor has crocheted over 100 face mask adapters to help staff in hospitals and care homes.

Jodie is currently working from home and her cousin is a nurse at Queen’s hospital on the frontline. Rather than just sitting at home, Jodie decided to make a difference and help our nurses, doctors and carers.

Jodie told the Havering Daily: “My cousin is a nurse and I asked her if these mask adapters would make a difference for her and she said definitely yes, so my sister and I decided to start crocheting.

I wanted to help out and do something that would help our amazing NHS staff and carers. So now my mum has jumped on board and my niece as well but I am looking for more volunteers to help us crochet as we need to make around 700 of these.

Jodie is working from home during the day and crochets during her lunch break to get as many done as possible.

If you would like to help Jodie crochet mask adapters please email Jodie at

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