Help the council workers help you.

Street cleaning

During this difficult time the overwhelming majority of Havering residents have been helpful and understanding of the need to make changes to a number of Council services in order to keep essential services running.

Unfortunately a very small minority have chosen to abuse Council staff for doing their jobs. Wherever possible staff will follow the 2 metres distance advice, and no staff are forced to work if they display any COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms.

Cleaning roads, emptying waste bins, and collecting rubbish are regarded by Havering Council as essential work to keep the borough clean and healthy, and so limit the chance of vermin spreading other diseases and illnesses. 

Refuse collections

Some residents have also been a bit too eager to help our refuse collection teams. On occasions over the last week staff have been approached by residents trying to engage with staff to find out why collections are early and to help load bags. At any other time help would be welcomed but please, at this time, in order to maintain social distancing, please don’t do this.


Last week the Parks Officers were making sure all the play and recreation areas were closed. Whilst doing this it was necessary to ask people of varying ages to vacate the areas and stop using the equipment. This included, play areas, outdoor gyms, tennis courts and callisthenics.

Some residents questioned why this was necessary. Hopefully there is now a better understanding as to how the virus can live for up to 72 hours on metal surfaces, like gym equipment, and why children playing in close proximity to each on play equipment must be avoided.

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