‘I want young people to take it seriously. There are some people out there not taking it seriously’ -Borough Commander.

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East Area Borough Commander Stephen Clayman has spoken to the Havering Daily about the challenges that face him and his officers during these difficult times.

As the majority of Havering residents stay home, the police like many other key workers are out on the frontline.

Commander Clayman said: “The new powers being issued are not in law yet but will be over the next few days. We are hoping not to have to use them. We try to engage with the public and advise them and hope that they comply. We try and negotiate and most people are sensible and listen.

We are complying with Public Health England and are working closely with the local council. The Met is a big organisation so at the moment we are okay. Every day we keep staffing under review and are doing our job day to day.

Big Organisations step up to the mark in times like this and bring out the best of people and sadly also the worst of people. There are people taking advantage of situations like this and I can assure the public that we will do everything we can to stop this.”

Despite the country being on lockdown, some Havering residents are still not taking advice seriously and going to parks for picnics or using play areas.

Mr Clayman said: “I want young people to take it more seriously. There are some people out there not taking it seriously and young people in the borough need to heed the advice given. Listen to the advice. We are asking everyone here in the area to please listen to the advice from Public Health England.”

Officers on the frontline are also now going to be dealing withe members of the public who could potentially be infected with Covid 19, I asked the Borough Commander about protective equipment.

We have issued personal protective equipment to our officers. They have masks, gloves and eye protection, they have been given all the right equipment.

My officer’s professionalism is fantastic, they are fantastic.

We are here for the public and doing our job as we always do. We will continue to police this borough to the best of our abilities but we urge you please only call the police when you really need to and please follow the advice by Public Health England.”

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