COVID19 latest and information on support groups set up across Havering as locals unite to help those in need.

The latest figures report that there are now five cases of COVID 19 in the borough. Public Health England figures reported 44,105 people were tested in the Uk of which 42,562 were confirmed negative and 1,543 confirmed positive.

Today we have received news that the Carphone Warehouse will shut its stores in both Romford and Hornchurch and the Queen’s Theatre has sadly cancelled its world premiere of Maggie May as the effects of COVID 19 starts to make its mark across Havering.

Many groups have been set up across the borough to help those who are either elderly, in bad health, vulnerable or who are self-isolating.

In Romford, Peter Wheelband from Romford Labour is cor-ordinating a team of volunteers to help anyone in need in the Romford community. Peter told the Havering Daily:Our aim is to help the community in every way possible during this very difficult time.

We are co-ordinating a team of volunteers across Romford to help those in need. If you are in need of help please email me at”

Trevor McKeever from the South Hornchurch Labour Action team is co-ordinating the volunteers for the South Hornchurch area. His email address is or visit the Havering COVID 19 facebook page for more information.

Krystyna Koseda is the co-ordinator for the Harold Wood COVID19 facebook page.

They are looking for volunteers for the Tesco estate part of Harold Wood and the KIngs Park Estate and any other Harold Wood area in general.

Krystyna said: ” We have approximately 40 roads covered which isn’t a bad achievement in a couple of days. The way it will work is each road will have a key person/s, the coordinators will email each key person an introduction form which they will print and fill in with their details and deliver to houses in their road offering help if needed to the elderly and vulnerable on that road. This ensures that anyone vulnerable on that street has contact with one or two neighbours consistently ensuring trust and companionship (by phone) if needed.

The coordinators myself, Sarah and Thomas will ensure every volunteer does reside where they say they reside and will be available for support and advice if needed. We will also act as key contacts for our own roads.”

Krystyna came up with this idea to help locals in her area who are in need.

If you are in need of help or would like to volunteer to help those in need in the area, please email the Havering Daily

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