Dangerous items taken off the streets by Take A Knife Save A Life Volunteers.

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On one of their weekly patrols last week members of Take A Knife Save A Life removed five potentially very dangerous items of the streets off Havering.

The team of volunteers led by two co-ordinators Robert Dean and Dave Kirk were patrolling the Hornchurch shops when the team came across a pickaxe, a screwdriver, a scaffolding pole, garden shears and a saw.

The items were found by the team on their patrol as they weapon swept the area behind the Hornchurch shops.

All the items were collected and disposed of appropriately.

Dave Kirk told the Havering Daily: Take A Knife Save A Life have taken many knives, weapons and things that can be used as weapons off our streets.

The worrying thing is, the items we found in Hornchurch could have been avoided by workers/shops clearing up after themselves or locking things away which could potentially be deadly if used as a weapon.

I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers that help us to keep going forward in our fight against knife crime.”

Dave Kirk with the pickaxe.

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