Is it too much to ask for a politician we can trust?

This week the Havering Daily has been looking at the London Mayoral Elections taking place in May.

Today Peter Wheelband from Romford Labour shares his views.

Trust in politicians is at an all time low. It is now the norm to hear Presidents and Prime Ministers brazenly say things which are untrue , if they think it will win them votes. It was therefore not surprising to read in yesterday’s Havering Daily the bizarre comments on rising crime of Conservative Havering & Redbridge GLA candidate Keith Prince.

Mr Prince appears to be completely oblivious to the number of police officers removed from our streets since the Conservative Party instigated a disastrous austerity programme almost 10 years ago. In that time we have lost in the region of 6,500 Officers and CSO’s from London alone. During this time crime rates have rocketed and detection rates have plummeted. Now everyone with a modicum of sense can see the correlation – Well everyone except Mr Prince it seems.

It’s not good enough for elected officials to come out of a near four year period of hibernation just because there is an election coming up. We need our representatives to be working all through their term. For example, Mr Prince should have been questioning why Havering MP’s such as Julia Lopez and Andrew Rosindell consistently voted for cuts to police funding. We also need someone who will hold Council leaders to account, especially now as Havering has arguably the worst leader in living memory in the shape of Damian White.

Luckily there is an excellent alternative for the residents of Havering & Redbridge to place their trust in on 7th May, when asked to elect a person to represent them for the next four years at City Hall – Judith Garfield MBE. With three decades of experience as a community activist and Labour Party member, Judith has the experience required to represent the people of Havering & Redbridge. Be it in the capacity of a school governor, a local councillor, trustee of numerous organisations or as a director of community-led projects, Judith has the honesty, integrity and wealth of experience necessary to fill the role perfectly.

For more information on Judith Garfield MBE please visit

One thought on “Is it too much to ask for a politician we can trust?

  • 26th February 2020 at 10:56 am

    Totally agree. Judith would be wonderful in City Hall


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