Feeling there’s no choice.

Our mental health reporter Hazel writes in the Havering Daily.

This week mental health has been the topic of conversation. It’s always heartbreaking to hear that someone has taken their own life, whether we know them or not.

Mental health is such a tough subject to cover as there are so many different views of it. With so many different illnesses and conditions it’s not easy to understand them all.

But for someone to feel that this is the best outcome is heartbreaking.
Suicide is not a choice, it happens when there is no choice left. It happens when you feel there is no where left to turn.

The symptoms are impossible for people to see. Inside the person is breaking and screaming for help. Yet on the outside, they look fine. They come across as happy and coping with it all. They will tell you they are fine. So what can we do?

We can be kind and caring. We need less trolling and less bullying.
Say nice things instead of putting people down. All nasty comments and actions hurt. Sometimes they hurt more than you can imagine.

Even shutting a door in someone’s face can tip them over the edge. Making jokes about politicians, celebrities and anyone else can sometimes go too far. They sometimes get personal and hurt people’s feelings.

It’s ok to have a sense of humour but think first, what else is that person going through. Could this comment be the last straw and tip them over the edge. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you like it?

Let’s move on from this and make a change. Let’s make this world a better place for everyone.

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