‘We have listened to the people and responded.’

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Simon Ford from Havering Local Businesses is hopeful the news of the proposal for parking in the 2020 budget will be a good one.

Simon writes in the Havering Daily today about the new parking proposals.

A couple of questions we have to ask about these new parking changes. Councillor Damian White has always stated it would cost £750,000 to reinstate free parking across the borough yet they are receiving £2 million from central government so why can’t they do it?

When Councillor White mentions the 1,000 parking spaces, that is quite vague, I hope he means all Council parking spaces.

Barry Major from the Parking Charges Opposition Group also commented on the new proposals. He told the Havering Daily:

The information is very vague at the moment from the town hall. All I can say is regarding the on-street parking bays we will have a lot of cars idling waiting for spaces to park rather than using a car park and paying £1.50.

It seems to be a knee jerk reaction that again has not been thought through and just quickly decided to try to put a close to the parking issue. A message to Damian although we have opposed the removal of the 30 minutes, PCOG is here to meet and discuss plans to reintroduce rather than rush through ideas.”

In response Havering’s Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White said: “We have spoken with local businesses and undertook a parking consultation. Clearly there was a need to bring back the free 30 minutes so we have introduced a thousand parking bays as close to the shops as possible for local residents to be able to nip into the shop and do the important shopping or errands they need to and nip back out.

We have looked at what our neighbouring boroughs are doing and what residents have asked for and have responded.

Redbridge offers an hour free parking but then in certain areas, it will jump to £6, whereas we have frozen our charges.

We are also offering resident discount by 20% for Havering residents in certain areas. All this clearly shows that we have listened to people and have responded.

One thought on “‘We have listened to the people and responded.’

  • 6th February 2020 at 1:35 pm

    The 1000 free for 30 minutes parking bays are an estimate to the amount of parking bays ACROSS the BOROUGH – I doubt if there are more than 100 on street parking bays in Hornchurch and Upminster, I contacted the council about this and they did not know either – this is not resolving an issue where we lost the free parking in Hornchurch and Upminster.

    As you stated Damien has on several occasions said that he would need to find £750,000 if he was to give back what he took away (I will not go into how wrong those figures are) – he has been given a larger budget from central government (around £10M, they have taken away with the other hand at the same time – I have not yet seen the figures, so your £2M could be right) – however WHY is DAMIEN NOT GIVING BACK THE FREE PARKING?


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