Kobe Bryant, beginning and end of a generation.

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By Riyad Hacib.

On the surface, the name Kobe Bryant represents a legacy in the NBA a select few will ever taste through multiple NBA championships, countless individual awards and a fandom unrivalled. When diving deeper you realise the name Kobe Bryant represents much more, he embodied the dreams of young upcoming children who wanted to shoot like ‘Kobe!’ or the tenacity he wore on a nightly basis but most importantly, he had the traits every great man or women hoped to ever have; passion, discipline, ambition, dedication, sacrifice, and respect.

Icon is a word that is undermining for a man such as Kobe as the phrase ‘more than an athlete’ was portrayed by Kobe beautifully through his ‘Mamba Academy’ which built facilities to endorse the youth to drive their focus on self-development and sports progression. 26th January 2020, is the day where millions will be grieving plus, mourning however, an equal amount will be inspired by the story of Kobe Bryant in turn, as a community we should put our arms around our youth and help develop and nurture the next Kobe Bryant who will inspire through this, give birth to the next sets of generations to come.

Kobe may have died known as a basketball legend but, he died as a parent with his daughter, Gianna Bryant, in his arms as reality kicks we are all human and so please cherish everyone you love as life is precious. RIP Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant and the 7 victims.

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great at whatever they want to do. Kobe Bryant

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